About The Washington College Access Network

Who we are

The Washington College Access Network (WCAN) is a statewide collective of professionals in K-12 schools and districts, state agencies, college-access providers, postsecondary institutions and community-based organizations who support low-income students in graduating high school and pursuing a postsecondary pathway.

Our vision

By 2020, 70% of all jobs in Washington state will require a postsecondary credential.

The Washington College Access Network believes that all students can pursue a postsecondary education. We work to ensure every student has support from a trusted adult, the information they need to be successful, and have accessed all financial aid opportunities available to them. We are especially focused on the College Bound Scholarship (CBS) program and the inspiration and incentive CBS can provide to close the achievement gap for students experiencing poverty.

College is postsecondary education
WCAN uses the term "college" to refer to the attainment of valuable postsecondary credentials beyond high school, including professional/technical certificates and academic degrees.

Our values

  • Student Success: Supporting access, opportunity and the knowledge needed to enroll in postsecondary education.

  • Equity: Promoting equity and access to all educational opportunities

  • Partnership: Building trusting relationships across multiple agencies, spanning secondary through higher education.

  • Agency: Empowering ourselves and our partners to create sustainable and tangible results.

Our mission

Increase postsecondary enrollment for all Washington State students particularly among students experiencing poverty, first-generation college-going students, and students of color.

Our approach

We believe that all students can pursue a postsecondary credential and that it will take bold collective action to increase postsecondary enrollment for all.

No one entity alone can support the over 300,000 students that have pledged to be College Bound yet, together, we can provide students with the necessary information and support needed to pursue a postsecondary pathway. We collaborate with students and professionals to create

Materials for your students

Providing clear, accessible, culturally competent materials for students preparing for a postsecondary pathway

Trainings and workshops for student advocates

Engaging local communities in career and postsecondary content through collaborative discussions and sharing of promising practice

Student engagement initiatives

Creating a bigger platform for student voice through college bound pledging, financial aid completion and college-signing events

Stay informed

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