Say a commitment out loud. Speak it into existence. Work to make it happen.

As student advocates we know that a successful 9th grade year is pivotal to helping students graduate on-time and build the confidence they need to pursue postsecondary education. The College Bound Repledge campaign is an intervention and engagement opportunity to support College Bound Scholarship students in high school and remind them of their commitment. With your help we want to make sure they understand and continuously work to meet the program’s eligibility requirements.

This initiative provides a way to talk to students about:

  • College Bound Scholarship Pledge requirements

  • High school behavior, attendance and class performance

  • Graduation requirements and postsecondary plans

College Bound Repledge Resources

Repledge Sign-up Form:

Click here to tell us what you're doing for your Repledge campaign this year!
We will follow up with you directly. We invite you to participate in the College Bound Scholarship Repledge Campaign throughout the spring of 2021. There are many different opportunities for schools to participate in the Repledge Campaign!

Digital Repledge Toolkit

Includes ways to get involved, program examples and sample activities, and templates!
download the 2021 digital repledge toolkit now! 

Overview Presentation

A PowerPoint presentation that covers the basics of the College Bound program designed specifically for parents and students
download powerpoint presentation

College Cost Comparison Presentation

A PowerPoint presentation that covers the actual cost of college. 
download the PowerPoint presentation

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