College Bound Scholarship RePledge Campaign

Inspiring 9th graders to recommit to the College Bound Scholarship Pledge and prepare for a future after high school

True or False? College Bound Scholarship support is just for Middle School…. False. The College Bound Scholarship Pledge can be used as a lever to improve student success outcomes for low-income students from 7-12th grade.  9th grade is a critical place to start!


According to a study published in Education Digest in 2010, 9th grade students earn the lowest GPA, have the most amount of missed classes, and have the highest misbehavior rates. The transition from middle to high school can be challenging, especially for low-income and underrepresented youth. This time may be associated with loneliness, isolation, and disconnection from peers. Students who succumb to these factors fall behind in their classes, which makes it harder to graduate on-time with their peers. Thus, the success of the 9th grade year is pivotal to increasing graduation rates. Developing strategies to ensure a successful 9th grade year is even more important for low-income students. A high school diploma is the minimum requirement to work a decent wage job while obtaining a postsecondary education is crucial to rising out of poverty.


WashougalThe College Bound Repledge campaign, championed and led by the Washington College Access Network, is an opportunity to re-engage College Bound Scholarship ninth grade students in high school and remind them of their commitment. This campaign, held throughout the month of February, provides a platform to talk to students around the scholarship’s commitment while also connecting behavior, attendance, and class performance to the larger goal of high school completion, postsecondary enrollment, and a successful career. Students who participate in repledge activities may view the College Bound Scholarship as a purpose to stay engaged and to connect their academic performance to life-goals beyond school. The Repledge Campaign also offers a way for administrators and staff to identify and provide additional support for students and provide an opportunity for intervention with students who may be struggling. NEW 2017-2018 Repledge workbooks will be available starting in January 2018.

RePledge Goals

  • Remind students of the College Bound Scholarship Pledge. Use the Repledge activity to engage students around future planning and various education pathways.
  • Get students signed-up for the College Bound Listserv.
  • Celebrate the opportunity of the College Bound Scholarship by having students sign the repledge certificate.


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