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We have developed 23 different electronic handouts that cover 6 chapter topics: All About College & Career, Getting Ready, College Bound Scholarship, Paying for College, Applying for College, and Enrolling in College. Each handout tackles a specific subtopic and can be used flexibly as an additional student resource to compliment your college and career programming. You can download and print one handout at a time, download all 23 handouts as a comprehensive “handbook” for students, download by chapter to give students a robust set of materials on a single topic, or download an appropriate set of handouts by grade level for 9th-12th grade. Many of these handouts will also be appropriate for 7th and 8th graders as well!

To help you integrate College Knowledge materials into your CCR curriculum, advisory program, or High School & Beyond Planning, stay tuned for downloadable College Knowledge activities, discussion questions, and Tier 2 interventions for College Bound Scholarship students. All College Knowledge materials will be aligned to appropriate lessons for 7th-12th graders from OSPI’s Career Guidance Washington curriculum.

Complete College Knowledge Book
College Knowledge Glossary

By Grade - These packets come with a grade level specific month by month timeline and corresponding digital handouts.

By Chapter - This set of digital handouts are grouped together by chapter theme.

Individual Digital Handout Pages


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