Helping a student determine a path after high school is exciting and should be celebrated!

Based on the simple notion that the process of moving on is an achievement worth acknowledging, and the act of continuing education is worth celebrating, we support in the national phenomenon of #CollegeSigningDay. These school or community based signing events treat all students with post high school plans like rock stars and highlight those that are pursuing postsecondary degrees, certifications or enlisting in the military.

We work to support schools, districts and communities across the state and help them to host their own College Signing Celebration. Whether this is your 1st or 5th College Signing Celebration, we want you to feel excited and empowered and our team is committed to helping you highlight your amazing students!

Get Stuff for Your Event

Request party pack starter-kit. Party Packs include: college pennants from Washington schools, streamers to help decorate your celebration, photo booth signs for students, and more! Reserve your party pack by clicking on the “register your event” button below and indicate you are requesting a party pack.

Hosting a Signing Celebration?

College Signing Celebration Toolkit

Planning resources, activity examples, social media prompts and event checklists

download celebration toolkit

College Signing Celebration Certificate

Editable template that can be signed by a principal

download the certificate template

Blank College Pennant

Printable black and white pennant

download the pennant template

Digital Promotional Template (PowerPoint)

Slides to promote your event on TV screens

download powerpoint template

Promotional Flyer

Post these 8.5 x 11 inch flyers to advertise your event

download promotional flyer

Social Media Graphics

Graphics designed to promote your event on Twitter and Facebook

download social media graphics zip
  • Apply for a $200 College Signing Celebration support award.
  • Apply for a school stipend to help celebrate College Signing Day.
  • Support schools with funds and supplies.
  • Request party pack starter-kits.
  • And more...

Get Money for Your Event

College Signing Celebrations

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