Regional Workshops

Our team provides workshops to help college access champions build good systems around College Bound sign-ups for the scholarship and support all students on their way to college.  Workshop topics include building a college-going culture, family engagement in schools, FAFSA and financial aid support, and strategies to support the high school to college transition. Check here for information on our workshops happening within communities around Washington.

2016-2017 CAMPAIGNS

College Signing Celebrations

May 2017

  • Signing Celebrations highlight ALL students making the commitment to pursue education beyond high school
  • Inspire underclassmen to envision their "College Signing Celebration" moment
  • Potential activities include - all school assemblies, senior sessions, special advisory period, award assemblies, certificate, photo booths, college door decoration contests, etc.

Statewide Convenings

WCAN provides and supports opportunities to bring practitioners together to develop statewide strategies surrounding college access and completion. Check back here for updates on the next meeting.


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