It’s not just a handout - it’s a conversation starter for a student’s future

70% of living wage jobs in Washington state will require some postsecondary education or credential by 2020.

We know that the information you provide to students about postsecondary education options is one really important step in setting students up for success. That’s why we developed these materials to help you promote thinking about post-high school planning and provide a way to continue the conversation at home with families.

Here, you will find downloadable materials that were designed FOR students in collaboration WITH students. Our process of developing materials are centered on 3 principles:

  • Student Voice: we develop materials using feedback from student focus groups and surveys and consider students an important stakeholder in the design and development process.

  • Clear communication: we use straightforward terms, always define jargon, and aim to design and distribute materials in a way that resonates with students.

  • Accurate Information: we work in collaboration with other organizations (such as WSAC and OSPI) to ensure that information in our materials are correct and align to policies and guidelines for our state.

Moving from Handouts into Action

When operating through an equity lens to serve low-income students, we understand that developing relevant and accurate materials for them is only one part of the equation. In order to ensure materials are aligned with a robust engagement strategy, we offer:

  • Trainings and Workshops for Students Advocates to help educators recruit and build school-based teams, implement effective support strategies and sharpen their college and career readiness knowledge.

  • Student Engagement Initiatives to provide annual opportunities that galvanize students and staff in building a school culture that explores, promotes, and celebrates postsecondary educational pathways and planning.

WCAN: Training & Workshops for Student Advocates

Trainings & Workshops for Student Advocates

WCAN: Student Engagement Initatives

Student Engagement Initatives

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