Spring Workshop

6 clock hours

Join a cross-section of Washington state’s student success community to discuss how to best support today’s students.

We know what we do matters to our students’ future economic security; career preparation and college-going conversations with school staff make college attendance three times more likely, and financial aid applications seven times more likely.

Navigating the way forward is the theme of this third annual career and college readiness workshop.  Join us to discuss strategies for helping students on their journey as they consider issues they want to tackle, who they want to become, and how they’ll get there.

As practitioners we’ll come together to share state-of-the-art perspectives on career and college preparation pathways with a focus on:

  • Engaging low income students and students of color

  • Connecting the dots from middle, high school and college-going choices to jobs and livelihood

  • Integrating with statewide action, policy and practice


  • Heritage University - March 13th 

  • Tacoma Professional Development Center - March 26th

  • Apply for a $200 College Signing Celebration support award.
  • Apply for a school stipend to help celebrate College Signing Day.
  • Support schools with funds and supplies.
  • Request party pack starter-kits.
  • And more...

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