College Bound Outreach Tools

Over 250,000 students have enrolled in the Washington State College Bound Scholarship program- pledging to graduate with a 2.0 GPA or higher, HS diploma, FAFSA or WASFA completion and postsecondary admission.

WCAN recognizes the dedication across middle and high school staff to both enroll and support College Bound Scholars.  It’s hard work. Our goal is to make it easier in any way we can. Below are a list of tools we’ve developed with the Washington Student Achievement Council aimed to support your College Bound Scholarship work.

Don’t go it alone! Tools aside, we recognize that every school has a unique opportunity and story. Contact your Regional Officer who will work with you to train your school- based staff on how to best utilize the College Bound Scholarship and its pledge requirements to support students’ postsecondary aspirations.



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