This is not a typical Spring.

WCAN has adapted to the conditions. Recognizing the impact of the pandemic on our students, we're offering schools and College Bound champions flexibility to adapt their college-going, motivational campaigns to their unique situation.

The WCAN Student Persistence Campaign’s goal is to support school staff, administrators and CBOs to plan and execute events that will motivate and support their students in their postsecondary aspirations.

This could be a traditional College Bound Repledge event for 9th (and in some cases 10th) graders, a College Signing Celebration for seniors or schoolwide, or an event to motivate students to persist in their studies and postsecondary goals. WCAN’s College Bound Regional Officers are available for advice and guidance in the planning process and event day.

Thank you to all who have participated in the WCAN Student Persistence Campaign so far!

The WCAN team is here to help:

Mini Grants

We will award mini-grants to schools and in some cases CBOs across the state during the month of May and first half of June. School or CBO staff can apply for:

  • Gift cards at $250 each for in-person events
  • Gift cards at $150 each for virtual events

Those who wish to be eligible for the mini-grant would need to complete the below Google Form. The funds are limited, so applications will be processed in the order they are received. In the event of more requests than we have funds allocated, winners will be awarded through a random drawing.


In partnership with UW Dream Project, WWU’s Campus Compact, and CTC student organizations are conducting peer-/near peer FAFSA/WASFA completion trainings.

Trainings with community partners are to increase understanding of how to assist students and families with financial aid completion, including school districts, public libraries, collective impact groups, and colleges.

Aim Higher's free upcoming trainings and strategy sessions in partnership with SBCTC, COP, and ICW:

These trainings will cover content-based areas such as financial aid basics and financial aid application navigation. A series of strategy sessions to support implementation of what is learned in the content-based trainings will also be offered. Learn more here!

Additional Resources:

Thank you for considering a motivational event to support our Washington state students who have persevered through a highly challenging here. We are here to help!

Digital Resources from Aim Higher Washington

  • WSAC’s College and Career Compass is an interactive tool that provides students of all ages the opportunity to explore and connect with campuses that offer educational or job training programs that match their goals and interests.
  • The Financial Aid Toolkit provides resources supporting the financial aid application process, with specific guidance on how different audiences can use the tools.
  • The Plan Your Future web page serves as a one-stop-shop for all things related to the postsecondary transition for high school juniors and seniors.
  • The WSAC Portal provides educators with student-level completion data for increased outreach and engagement, with a new, in-depth FAFSA Completion Dashboard.

Get Involved with Aim Higher Washington

  • Spread the word through your communications channels. Sign up for WSAC Updates to receive plug-and-play messaging for students and families about financial aid, college planning, and more.
  • Sign your school or district up to be a 12th Year site, helping students and families apply for college and financial aid.
  • Join the Aim Higher campaign as a partner. We are asking educators—teachers, counselors, principals, and administrators—along with colleges, community-based organizations, businesses, and local elected officials to help with the campaign. If you are interested in become an Aim Higher partner, email for more information.

Reach Higher/Better Make Room Resources

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