Building a community to support students

In partnership with schools, community-based organizations and state agencies, WCAN strives to increase postsecondary success for students in Washington state by providing training, workshops and professional development for counselors, college access professionals and all types of student advocates.

Using a participatory model of facilitation and collaborative discussion, we work to increase the knowledge and skills of education professionals who work and advise students on their postsecondary plans. Trainings and workshops are delivered using an equity and inclusion framework and focus on strategies to help students from low-income backgrounds.

Whether you are a college access expert, a new professional in the field of education, or somewhere in between, our offerings seek to support and enhance your knowledge around:

You have the skills, now here are the tools.

We understand that training can’t happen in a bubble. In order to fully implement support strategies, school and community engagement has to happen simultaneously. To energize your community and support your efforts, we also offer:

WCAN: Materials for your students

Materials for Your Students

WCAN: Student Engagement Initatives

Student Engagement Initatives

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